Engine and shaft alignment for the marine industry

    Optical engine alignment
    Optical alignment fixture for a marine gear output flange
    Optical alignment fixture for a marine gear output flange
    The picture shows an alignment fixture fitted to the output flange of a marine gear. The fixture holds an optically precise mirror and the white reference marks allow me to compare the position of the vertical/horizontal center of the output flange to the shaft line I have established, generally by the bearing targets... more
  • 2015
    Honolulu, USCG Kiska
  • optical alignment telescope uscg Kiska Honolulu
    USCG Kiska at Pacific Shipyards International drydock, Honolulu
    It's been a busy 2015, including a trip to Hawaii to perform an optical alignment check on the USCG cutter Kiska, in Pacific Shipyard International's drydock in Honolulu. I have been in shipyards all over the world, and they all are pretty much the same- except sometimes you get a spectacular background like this. Kiska is a... more
  • 2015
    Tampa, USCG Confidence
  • optical alignment telescope uscg Conficence Tampa Hendry Shipyard
    USCG Confidence in drydock at Hendry Shipyards, Tampa, Florida
    The Confidence is 210', and here it is at sunrise with one of Tampa's cruise ships in the background. Coast Guard requirements include doing alignment checks before sunrise, to eliminate any effects of sunlight and heat and creating the most stable and repeatable environment. Completely understandable in Tampa in the warmer months... more
  • 2014
    Yacht strut reset, Dania
  • resetting Hatteras yacht struts using optical alignment
    Hatteras motor yacht, struts
    October, looking forward to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and working on a Hatteras motor yacht after a grounding. The picture is the forward strut, sometimes referred to as a "butterfly" strut, set in place using optical alignment technology- a target is visible in the strut. For a little more information visit the November news page for a more detailed explanation including an embedded YouTube video. more
  • 2014
    Hendry Corporation, USCG Cushing; stern tube in Dania
  • USCG Cushing at Hendry Corporation in Tampa, Florida.
    USCG Cushing, Tampa
    Hendry's drydock is a veteran- a World War II Liberty ship still serving the men and women of the United States Coast Guard and the men and women at Hendry Corporation. And, congratulations to them for the recent completion of their new drydock with the expanded capability that brings to this fine shipyard. Cushing just required an alignment check so it was a quick trip. The stern tube replaecment in Dania is a little more involved- visit the July news page for a more detailed explanation including an embedded YouTube video showing the setup and the positioning jig. more
  • 2014
    Savannah Marine Repair, Derecktor, MarineMax, Barry Brown Marine
  • USCG Hammer at Savannah Marine Repair
    USCG Hammer, Savannah
    A trip to Savannah to shoot the buoy tender "Hammer", sister ship to the "Vise" previously set up at Hendry Shipyard in Tampa, brought me back to Savannah Marine Repair and Steve Drago. The spring of 2014 has been especially busy, both in yacht and commercial work. It seems people are both using their boats and getting the work done...Fort Lauderdale yards are busy. more
  • 2013
    optical strut alignment Fort Lauderdale
    Northern Lights-Westport-Derecktor-
    Derecktor of Florida replaced two main engines in this Westport yacht, and Marine Alignment worked with Derecktor staff to finalize the engine alignments to help complete the job. Derecktor's new lift and outstanding record of successful refit projects in 2013 were the focus of an industry breakfast before the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Derecktor of Florida website: click here.
  • 2013
    optical strut alignment Fort Lauderdale
    MarineMax-Here's a strut that's way out-
    The optical alignment telescope shows the correct shaft line, and the strut barrel should be centered on the scope. This is a preliminary shoot, and on this vessel both the port and starboard struts were dropped and then reset to the optically established shaft lines. Click for more pictures of this and other Marine Alignment strut and engine alignment projects in September.
  • 2013
    Tugboat "Georgia"
    Tug georgia savannah marine repair
    Savannah Marine Repair-shaft and marine gear alignment, tugboat "Georgia"
    Steve Drago at Savannah Marine Repair and Terry Thompson of Crescent Towing formed the project management team for Georgia's refit. Optical work including setting the port and starboard marine gears and shaft seal housings. Classic lines and raw power make this hard-working tug stand out in the Savannah River and offshore. Great to be back in the Low Country and honored to be working on this large project.
  • 2013
    USCG-Knight Island
    USCG Knight Island strut alignment July 2013
    Hendry Corporation-USCG Knight Island-setting strut and bearings
    Remedial work included setting one strut to the optically established shaft line. These are great ships, and I can't say enough about the professionalism of the men and women who make up the Knight Island crew. It's a pleasure. The Hendry team of experienced and dedicated professionals makes these jobs run on time, on budget, and to specification.
  • 2013
    Lyman Morse- Electra
    setting Electra engine alignment using shaft line from new cutless bearings
    Derecktor of Florida- Dania Beach, Florida
    Derecktor's new Cimolai lift, the largest mobile boat lift in Florida and tallest in the world, operates in Derecktor's busy South Florida facility. This classic Lyman Morse cruises at 26 knots and after thousands of hours required engine mount replacement. As the engines had to be moved significantly to replace the mounts precise alignment of the engines to the shaft lines was accomplished using optical alignment equipment.
    Check out the new Cimolai lift at Derecktor here. more
  • 2013
    USCG Amberjack-engine installation January 2013
    Hendry Corporation-USCG Amberjack in drydock-engine replacement.
    Optical shaft and engine alignment forms a critical part of the engine renewal project on the USCG Amberjack, hauled at Hendry Corporation in Tampa in January of 2013.