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  • strut and engine alignments
  • Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach
  • September 2013

September 2013

setting a strut to an optically established shaft line
MarineMax-yacht strut alignment
This is a tighter setup with the vessel lower to the ground. The ability to adapt to different heights, shaft sizes, configurations, and work areas is important, as is working with different crews at a wide variety of repair facilities. This was a straightforward repair and involved setting both aft struts working with yard personnel, including mechanics and fiberglass technicians. It's also important to have a stand that quickly and easily adapts from the 9" shafts 10' off the ground on the tug "Georgia" to a stand that also works on 3" shafts 28" off the ground.
optical alignment telescope showing the ninety degree eyepiece
Tight quarters-ninety degree eyepiece
Adapting the telescope is as important as adapting the stand. With the straight eyepiece I would almost have to lie down on some jobs. The ninety degree eyepiece on the optical alignment telescope allows me to work comfortably for long periods. This picture also gives you an idea of how far off the shaft line the strut has moved. Resetting a strut on a fiberglass boat is quick and easy with optical alignment. Remove and prep the strut and hull, adjust the strut and create the wedge or filler with fiberglass or Chockfast.
optical alignment telescope
Good contrast with the previous shot-taller stand
Another example of the versatility and quick setup optical alignment brings to the boatyard. This is on a larger yacht at Lauderdale Marine Center, working H&R Marine Engineering. The port marine gear had been removed and replaced, and we're making sure the renewed marine transmission went back into place. Optical alignment made this a morning's work.
Rybovich-optical alignment check
V-strut, Rybovich in Palm Beach
Rybovich's facility and team are world famous, and this was a straightforward check-and-report. The cutless bearings are set in Chockfast, and the yard confirmed that renewing the bearings didn't disturb the Chockfast or the bearing and engine alignment. If the Chockfast had to be renewed we would have set the bearings on jacking screws and then pumped or poured Chockfast to fill the strut barrels and support the bearings.

Engine and shaft optical alignment solutions

Optical shaft and engine alignment for yachts, boats, commercial vessels, and military vessels remains the most accurate, quickest, and most efficient alignment procedure.
Optical alignment equipment operated with knowledge and experience provides shipyards, boatyards, and builders with efficient and accurate engine, bearing, and stern tube alignment. Michael H. Bartlett, in the marine industry in Fort Lauderale for thirty years and with over 15 years of optical alignment experience and over 1500 successful boat alignment procedures, owns and operates Marine Alignment, Inc.